Software Installs

If you need specific packages installed on a CS machine, you can simply email us at requesting it to be installed. Typically we accept all requests, unless there is no way to deploy the software without affecting other users.

That being said, you should first check that the software you need is not already installed. If you know the name of the binary, you can try the which command.

$ which eclipse
> /usr/local/pkgs/bin/eclipse

You will notice that we install a lot of non-standard packages under /usr/local/pkgs with symlinks in /usr/local/pkgs/bin.

Jetbrains IDEs

We have a few of the most popular JetBrains products installed with licenses for all CS machines. To use our license, just open an IDE and select "License Server" when asked for a license. You can also obtain a personal license which you can use at home for free from the Jetbrains website. If you would like another JetBrains IDE installed, or the existing IDEs updated, please contact


The machines lab1-[1,16] have Nvidia GPUs with the full CUDA development kit installed. The current version is available at /usr/local/cuda and previous versions re available at /usr/local/pkgs/cuda/version/. To use a previous version, make sure that:


Educational Licenses

Students enrolled in the School of Computer Science are entitled to educational licenses for the following family of products:

  • Microsoft Imagine Premium - Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

  • 1. Using a Private or Incognito browser go to
    2. Click on the blue “Sign In” button and enter your school-provided email address and hit ‘Next’.
    3. You'll be redirected to your McGill's log in page to sign in.
    4. Upon signing in, you may be asked to agree to the terms and conditions (for first time users). If not, you should see all the software titles available for download by searching the keyword ‘Education’ and choose the ‘Education (preview)’ from the list.

    - If you need access please request access using this form:

  • VMWare IT Academy Program

  • - Please request access using this form: