Adjunct Professorship & Associate Membership Programs

Our Adjunct Professors & Associate Members play an important role in the School's academic mission by broadening its impact on both academic and industrial research and training. The Adjunct program is open to researchers from industry positions as well as other universities, while the Associate program allows professors from other departments within McGill to collaborate with Computer Science. These professors benefit from the opportunity to become involved in the School’s research and teaching activities, to co-supervise graduate students, and to take advantage of the visibility and opportunities provided by such an appointment. Associate Members and Adjunct Professors do not receive financial or administrative support from the School, nor does this role confer eligibility for tenure.

For further details, we invite you to review McGill’s regulations regarding Unranked Contract Academic Staff:

Selection criteria:

  • 1) Strength of pre-existing ties with SOCS researchers.
  • 2) Excellence of research record in computer science and related areas.
  • 3) Ability to contribute to promoting diversity and inclusiveness, both within the School itself and in other computer science related aspects in our society at large (see below).

How to apply

The School is only able to accept a small number of candidates each year; therefore, many excellent candidates are rejected. Researchers interested in working with us in this capacity should first discuss with their McGill SOCS contacts. Researchers cannot apply directly and need instead to be nominated by a SOCS faculty member. The nomination package should include a CV as well as a cover letter explaining the nominee’s motivations and commitment to EDI in CS.

Equity, diversity, and inclusiveness

It is paramount for the School to ensure that our membership is representative of our society as a whole. We aim to provide all our members with a work environment that is conducive to their development and adapted to their needs. This ambition extends beyond our own School and includes improvement in EDI in all of CS - in academia, industry, and beyond. We see our Adjuncts and Associates in part as tools for that purpose and invite interested parties to highlight ways in which they could contribute to this goal.

Duration and renewals

Adjunct Professorships and Associate Memberships are granted for a period of 3 years. Renewals are determined based on an evaluation of the above selection criteria, as well the individual’s involvement in SOCS’s research, teaching, and administrative activities during the last 3-year period.