Bellairs Workshop on (Aspect-Oriented) Model-Driven Software Development

The 4th AOM workshop at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill took place from Saturday April 28th 2012 to Saturday May 5th, 2012. The workshop focussed on research that aims to integrate compositional view-based modeling techniques and approaches to support the use of views (aspects) throughout the software development process. The concrete models used as a basis for our discussions were models of the bCMS case study, a case study specifically designed for the activities that took place in this workshop.

Workshop Activities and Outcomes Summary

The attendees read the bCMS case study requirements document before the workshop, and they (or members of their research team) prepared some models for the bCMS using a modeling technique or approach of their choice before the workshop. During the workshop, the prepared models will be presented, discussed, and evaluated against comparison criteria that we are currently developing.

The following are the specific activities that are planned for the workshop:

1. Presentation of models of the bCMS prepared before the workshop, as well as any pre-workshop work on integrating view-based (aspect-oriented) modeling techniques to produce end-to-end models for the bCMS case study.

2. Discussion and analysis of presented models. Teams will work on comparing the models of the bCMS (and therefore also the modeling approaches used by the participants represented at the workshop) according to a set of comparison criteria.

3. Integration of presented view-based modeling techniques. Teams will attempt to integrate development approaches by developing a set of end-to-end models for the bCMS. This exercise will help us develop a deeper understanding of how different view-based modeling techniques can be integrated to address development concerns across the lifecycle, as well as how concern relationships evolve throughout the development phases.

4. Discussion of the comparison criteria themselves. We would like to get feedback on the criteria in order to improve them for future comparisons.

5. Evaluation of ReMoDD group work facilities. The models developed at the workshop will be entered into ReMoDD by attendees, as well as documents that need to be shared among attendees to support the discussions and collaborative work. There will be a session in which we discuss how ReMoDD can be improved to support group collaborations.

The following are the planned major outcomes of the workshop.

A. An evaluation of view-based modeling approaches that highlights their (a) strengths and limitations, (b) scope (e.g., in terms of development phases and tasks) and applicability (e.g., in terms of types of systems or development paradigm), and (c) complementarity and integrability with other model-driven development.

B. End-to-end (i.e., requirements to implementation) model-driven development approaches that integrate view-based modeling techniques throughout the development process.

C. Exemplar bCMS models.

Use the navigation menu above to get more information on Bellairs and on the current list of participants. You can also look at the 2011, 2010 and 2009 editions of the Bellairs AOM workshop.

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