The 1st 1-Week Aspect-Oriented Modeling Workshop at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill was held from April 5th to April 12th 2009. 11 participants from 8 countries attended.

After presenting their respective aspect-oriented modeling approaches to the other participants on the first day, the rest of the week was spent on defining a common case study for aspect-oriented modeling: the Crisis Management System. The complete workshop schedule can be found here.

The workshop was a success. Here is what I think were the concrete outcomes:

  1. Every participant now has a better understanding of the different approaches to aspect-oriented modeling that are currently proposed.

  2. We identified a list of challenges that Aspect-Oriented Modeling and Aspect-Oriented Software Development in general is facing and has to tackle in order to be successful. These challenges include:

  3. Flexibility vs. Correctness of Weaving

  4. Scalability (size of individual models and composition complexity)

  5. Reuse

  6. Support for Variability

  7. Support for Evolution

  8. Support for Certification

  9. Weaving Performance

  10. Traceability

  11. Usability

  12. Training

  13. Development Cost

  14. Social / Organizational Factors that will lead to adoption

  15. We produced a 29-page description of a Crisis Management System case study that can be used to demonstrate the applicability of aspect-oriented modeling approaches. A special issue of the journal Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development with papers that apply AOM to the Crisis Management System is currently in preparation.

During our week, my colleague Hans Vangheluwe was running his "Computer Automated Multi-Paradigm Modelling (CAMPaM)" workshop, so there were other modeling-related researchers at Bellairs as well, which opened the possibility for collaborations. For instance, we organized an evening session with 2 general talks: one given by Jean-Marc Jezequel on Aspect-Oriented Modeling, and one given by Thomas Kühne on Meta-Modeling. Another evening we had organized a demo session, where several participants demonstrated their modeling tools.

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