Bellairs Workshop on Developing End-to-End AOSD Artifacts for REMODD

This year’s 1-week AOM workshop at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill is going to take place from April 15th 2011 to Friday April 22nd 2011. The workshop will focus on research that aims to integrate compositional view-based modeling techniques to support the use of views (aspects) throughout the software development process. Another objective of the workshop is to evaluate the Repository for Model Driven Development (ReMoDD).

The workshop will be held from April 15-22, 2011.The following are the specific activities that are planned for the workshop:

  1. 1.Presentations of pre-workshop work on integrating AOM techniques to produce an end-to-end AOM method.

  2. 2.Teams will work on developing a set of end-to-end models for the Car Crisis Management System (CCMS) that are developed using presented AOM methods. This exercise will help us develop a deeper understanding of how different AOM techniques can be integrated to address development concerns across the lifecycle.

  3. 3.Evaluation of REMODD submission and search facilities. The models developed at the workshop will be entered into the system by attendees. Attendees will give feedback on the quality of the REMODD's search and submission facilities.

  4. 4.Preparation of papers for a journal special issue on AOSD.

It is expected that attendees will initiate discussions on how their AOM techniques can be integrated with other techniques before the workshop. We will make a available a preliminary version of REMODD before the workshop so that users can store their initial attempts at developing end-to-end models and supporting documentation using integrated AOM techniques.

Use the navigation menu above to get more information on Bellairs and on the current list of participants. You can also look at the 2010 and 2009 editions of the Bellairs AOM workshop.

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