The 1st 1-Week Aspect-Oriented Modeling Workshop at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill was held from April 5th to April 12th 2009. It was a big success, so you might want to check out the pages of last years workshop.

Here are some initial thoughts on how we could proceed for this year. Of course, this time the idea is that we go beyond individual AOM approaches, and start thinking about how to apply AO techniques to the entire software development life cycle. And I think with the Crisis Management System (CMS) we have a nice case study to start thinking concretely about how this could be done. Most of you have worked on the CMS and submitted a paper to the TAOSD special issue. We could start on Monday by presenting our results to the other participants, and then start discussing advantages / disadvantages of different approaches. Last year we had identified several challenges that AOSD has to face. Here is the probably incomplete list of challenges that I found in my notes from last year:

- Flexibility vs. Correctness

- Scalability (size of individual models and composition complexity)

- Reuse

- Support for Variability

- Support for Evolution

- Support for Certification

- Weaving Performance

- Traceability

- Usability

- Training

- Development Cost

We should keep those challenges in mind during our discussions. And the ultimate goal would be to investigate how our approaches could be combined to define a complete AOSD process. But of course I would love to hear form you about other ideas / concrete goals that we should strive to accomplish during this exciting week!

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