BeroAI Student Intern

Application Period: April 22, 2024 - May 24, 2024


BeroAI Internship Position

For information about BeroAI, please visit them at


  • Start date: June 3, 2024
  • End date: TBD (September/October)
  • Location: Montreal
  • Salary: Based on experience


Creating Multimodal AI to understand canine emotions and actions using Audio, Video, IMU, Text, and more.

Opportunities at BeroAI

  • Crafting Audio Encoders for speech and dog sound analysis, including noise reduction.
  • Developing Video Encoders for object detection.
  • Implementing IMU Encoders to interpret dog movements.
  • Training and assessing our Multimodal LLM.

Intern Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensive skills in data preprocessing for multiple modalities.
  • Encoder development and fine-tuning proficiency.
  • Deep dive into AI architecture and advanced Multimodal LLM training techniques.


  • Proficiency in Python.
  • A foundational grasp of Multimodal LLM principles, such as those outlined in works like ImageBind.

Preferred Skills

  • Prior experience in Audio/IMU data handling.
  • Familiarity with LLM fine-tuning processes.

To apply

If you are a McGill student, please send your resume and cover letter to