Postdoctoral fellow in Interdisciplinary Interventions in the Design of Music Recommendation Systems

Application Period: July 15, 2021 - July 31, 2021



•Brief description of duties:

As part of an international interdisciplinary research initiative focused on developing new concepts and designs for music recommendation systems, Fernando Diaz (Mila, Google) and Georgina Born (UCL) are looking for a one year Postdoctoral Researcher. Candidates will have a demonstrated track record of research topics related to the understanding and design of music recommendation systems. The project aims to bridge models of music recommendation found in machine learning with new and alternative conceptions stemming from the social sciences and humanities, and informed by concerns for public service oriented, non-profit systems and by critical debates over bias and discrimination. As such, we seek candidates with strong and relevant academic backgrounds in a core computational discipline and/or in the social sciences or humanities, including science and technology studies. A background or skills in machine learning or computer science are desirable, but are not required. The position will be based at Mila in Montreal, and we expect this position to involve collaboration with researchers based there. Successful candidates will have a well-established research track record, evidenced by notable journal or conference publications and broader contributions to the research community. Prior experience with or an eagerness to collaborate across disciplines is desirable. 

This position will be in dialogue with a larger international interdisciplinary project involving engineers designing music recommendation systems and social scientists and humanists: Georgina Born’s European Research Council-funded program, ‘Music and Artificial Intelligence: Building Critical Interdisciplinary Studies’. Some background can be found in Born, Morris, Diaz, and Anderson, “Artificial Intelligence, Music Recommendation, and the Curation of Culture”,  Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society, 2021. 


Qualifications Required

-PhD in a relevant field (completed).

-A strong research program demonstrated by journal and/or conference publications.

-The ability to work in and respond to a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, and to take initiative and work independently. 

-Strong communication skills.



-Background or skills in machine learning or computer science.

-Demonstrable experience and leadership, such as service on conference program committees, workshop organization, teaching or tutorials, or outreach activities.


A complete application packet sent to should include:

-A cover letter, indicating how the applicant’s research record and skills are relevant to the position and the project, mentioning any interdisciplinary experience and skills, and emphasizing potential connections and synergies with the Mila lab. 1 page will usually suffice.

-A CV, listing all peer-reviewed publications, workshop and conference organisation.

-Three reference letters, to be submitted independently before the deadline.

-A research statement (maximum 3 pages) that outlines your research achievements and agenda, how they lead into your suitability for this position, and any initial observations about the project itself. 

-2 writing samples: please submit the conference or journal articles, book chapters, etc., that you are most proud of and that best demonstrate your expertise.



-Name of the immediate Supervisor: Fernando Diaz/Reihaneh Rabbany

-Work schedule: 35 hours/week

-Working hours: Flexible

-Location of work: Montréal

-Salary information: 74,000 CAD

-Planned  start  and  end  date  of  appointment: Octoberber 2021-August 2022