Social Studies of Computing

Multidisciplinary Research Group at McGill University

How to Join the Lab

There are a few different ways to become a member of the lab.

  1. If you're faculty at McGill (tenure-track professor, faculty lecturer, or tenure-track librarian):
    1. Attend at least one meeting of the SHAPE reading group.
    2. Then let Elizabeth know you'd like to be a member! Provide the information that is provided in the entries on the People page.
  2. If you're interested in doing research with Elizabeth:
    1. Consult her website for information for prospective graduate students & undergraduate researchers. All her students automatically become members of the lab.
  3. Everybody else:
    1. Attend a few meetings of either reading group. Then let know whoever is the Logistics co-ordinator on the People page that you'd like to join the Keybase Team.
    2. If you stay active in the Keybase and/or (semi-)regularly come to events like the reading groups for more than one term, ask whoever is the Website coordinator to become a member. Provide the information that is provided in the entries on the People page.

Research Opportunities for Students

If you're a current undergraduate or graduate student at McGill looking for an advisor, or a prospective graduate student considering this lab, the following professors are known to take students in this area. Consult each of their websites to see if they are taking students.

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McGill also has an undergradutae major available for Arts students in the History and Philosophy of Science

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