1. Workshop Introduction and Planning

AOM presentations

  1. Frank Fleurey: The Common Variability Language (CVL)

  2. Gunter Mussbacher: Aspect-Oriented User Requirements Notation

  3. Awais Rashid: A Tale of Two Presentations (A Fairy Tale & an AOM Approach)

  4. Mehmet Aksit: My Research Work on Software Modeling

  5. Jörg Kienzle: Aspect-Oriented Multi-view Modeling

  6. Joao Araujo: Mixing Requirements Approaches and Aspects: Is it Worth It?

  7. Jon Whittle: Some Thoughts on Interactions in AOM

  8. Pablo Sánchez: Component-based and Aspect-Oriented Software Development

  9. Jean-Marc Jezequel: AOMDE is what MDE is really about

Guest presentation

  1. Thomas Kühne: Bits and Pieces of Meta-Modelling

Case Study

  1. Crisis Management System presentation

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