2009 Workshop Schedule

The workshop started on Monday morning, and ended on Friday evening. Each working day was structured into a morning and an evening session. The morning session goes from 8:30 to 12:30, the evening session from 16:00 - 19:00, followed by dinner, followed by discussions.


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Sunday April 5th:

Monday April 6th:

Tuesday April 7th:

Wednesday April 8th:

Thursday April 9th:

Friday April 10th:

Saturday April 11th:

Sunday April 12th:

Participants arrive at Bellairs. Joint AOM / CAMPaM welcome cocktail.

Welcome and introductions. Then, each participant presented their AOM approach / techniques / tools to the other workshop participants. This presentation was not related to the CMS case study. The slides of the presentations can be found here.

Continuation of presentations of AOM approaches in the morning, followed by presentation of the proposed CMS case study. The participants then split into 2 workgroups: people working more on the requirements phase, and people working more at the design phase.

Morning: Each group applied their AOM approach to the case study.
Afternoon: Glass bottom boat excursion: the “shipwreck” and “swimming with the turtles”

Morning: Continuation of the work on the case study.
Afternoon: Each workgroup presented their results to the other participants.

Morning: Discussion on how to define the Crisis Management System case study for the TAOSD special issue.

Trip to Crane Beach.