Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
LING 201Introduction to LinguisticsAB+
LING 330PhoneticsAA-
LING 360Introduction to SemanticsAB-
LING 371Syntax 1AB+
LING 455Second Language SyntaxAB
LING 550Computational LinguisticsAUnavailable
LING 571Syntax 2In progressIn progress
LING 751Artificial Neural NetworksIn progressIn progress
Computer Science
Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
COMP 202Foundations of ProgrammingA-B+
COMP 206Intro to Software SystemsB+B
COMP 250Intro to Computer ScienceA-B
COMP 251Algorithms & Data StructuresAUnavailable
COMP 424Artificial IntelligenceIn progressIn progress
COMP 546Computational PerceptionIn progressIn progress
COMP 550Natural Language ProcessingIn progressIn progress
MATH 240Discrete StructuresAUnavailable
MATH 323ProbabilityIn progressIn progress
Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
PSYC 213CognitionAB
PSYC 311Human Cognition & The BrainAB+
NSCI 200Intro to Neuroscience 1B+A-
NSCI 201Intro to Neuroscience 2AB+

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