McGill University, Montreal, Canada

PhD in Computer Science (Jan 2016 till date).

Research focus include:

  • Fast synchronization in IoT and AI application tasks.
  • Synchronous scheduling algorithms in adhoc machines.
  • Coordination of autonomous machines.
  • Joining and leaving schemes in dynamic systems.
  • Computing Models for achieving coordination in mobile nodes.

The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

MSc in Computer Science (Sep 2014 - Aug 2015).

With specialization in Software Engineering and High Performance Computing.

Work done include:

  • Final thesis on Modelling Network Robustness with Stochastic HYPE.
  • A review of Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
  • A survey on NoSQL Databases.
  • Design of a dynamic tourism website using PHP, JavaScript, SQL, AJAX, CSS and Google MAPs API.
  • Wrote Hadoop MapReduce jobs using the Java programming language.
  • Developed a simulator for implementing GHS Minimum Spanning Algorithm in Java.
  • Developed models using the PEPA modelling tool in Eclipse for performance measurements.
  • Performed white-box and black-box tests and also wrote software tests in JUnit.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

BSc in Computer Engineering (Nov 2006 - Dec 2011)

Work done include:

  • Final year project on ´┐ŻBluetooth-Based Attendance Recording System´┐Ż developed using C# (Microsoft Visual Studio), SQL (PostgreSQL) and the Bluetooth technology.
  • A survey on Computer Systems Waste Management in Nigeria.
  • Website content development and Management with Joomla.
  • Developed a business model using Peachtree.
  • Wrote VHDL codes for microchip programming.