Sarah Mihuc


I am an undergraduate at McGill University, pursuing an Honours in Linguistics, major in Computer Science, and minor in Japanese. I will be graduating in Spring 2017, and am currently looking for a software engineer position, especially in natural language processing. I have been a research assistant in the Prosody Lab for the last three years. I am also a peer tutor for the Tutorial Service in logic, computer science and linguistics courses.

I code mostly in Python, Java, and Praat. I speak Japanese, French, and some Spanish and Russian. I've also worked on research on Kabyle Berber (Taqbaylit) and Uyghur and Kyrgyz. My interests currently are natural language processing & computational linguistics, field linguistics, software development, syntax, sociolinguistics, phonology and prosody.

Last Semester's Projects:

Right now I'm working on my Honours thesis on anti-agreement effects in Kabyle, and my advisor is Jessica Coon. I'm also running an experiment on focus and word order in Kabyle, doing aligner evaluation work and writing a paper on a vowel lengthening experiment, applying for jobs, and will be doing a term paper project in my Structure of Mayan Languages class.



Previous Projects

Last summer:

I was an intern in the SRE program at Johns Hopkins University (in the CLSP), and my advisor was David Yarowsky. I worked on the LORELEI project, which aims to extend machine translation to low-resource languages, especially in emergency response situations. I built a system for learning grammatical label translation pairs based on the contents of Wiktionary tables, built a system for finding new phrasal translation templates and their probabilities (in Uyghur), and a few smaller tools for Uyghur and Kyrgyz. For more detail, see my poster from SRE.

Last school year:

I worked on running experiments using a Praat script I wrote that does (artificial) prosodic feature manipulation, and on term paper projects for my Natural Language Processing, Field Linguistics, Sociolinguistics 2, and Artificial Intelligence classes. I was also a contributor to the Duolingo English for Japanese speakers course, which has now graduated from beta. In the fall, I was also a WearHacks Ambassador for the WearHacks Montreal hackathon, which means that I helped to plan and run the event.

Summer 2015:

I worked in the Prosody Lab. I did data annotation, wrote my pitch and duration script, and trained the current English and French models for the Prosody Lab Aligner. I was a contributor for Duolingo English for Japanese speakers. I also attended the LSA Institute at UChicago: I took or audited Sociolinguistics with Big Data, Perceptual Dialectology, Computational Psycholinguistics, Intro to Stats with R, Sociophonetics, and computational morphology.

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