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Children playing in the SOS Children's Village Sanankoroba

Mali, located in West Africa, is one of the world’s poorest countries. Much of it is arid desert and 80% of its population scrapes a basic living through farming and fishing.
SOS Children has been working in Mali for nearly 20 years. The first village was opened on 10th December 1988 in Sanankoroba, 20 miles south of the capital Bamako. Today this village cares for 130 children in 13 family homes. To encourage the families to be as self-sufficient as possible each house has a vegetable garden and fruit trees. By working closely with the local communities it has been possible to ensure that the village complements traditional building styles.

Children benefiting from an education in Sanankoroba

By the mid 1990s SOS Primary and Secondary schools had been added to the complex and today over 800 children of all ages receive a quality education here. The children also have the opportunity to learn practical skills in special vocational workshops. The addition of a library, sports ground and canteen with a kitchen have ensured that all aspects of child development are catered for.

Some of the children used to walk miles each day between their homes and the school so to make life a little easier for them four colourful donkey-carts have been purchased through money raised by supporters. In Sanankoroba each cart is the responsibility of one of the pupils at the school. The children clean the carts and look after the animals themselves, which they absolutely love.

There is always great merriment in the morning when the carts arrive at the school with a cheerful crowd of children in their wake, and also in the afternoons when the donkeys are harnessed up again. During term time the animals are kept in the pupils’ remote villages where they are well looked after. In the school holidays the children at the SOS Children’s Village look after their four-legged friends.

Children in Mali with opportunities for the future thanks to SOS Children

When the children at the Village reach school leaving age they do not suddenly have to fend for themselves. Many move into the SOS Youth Home in Torokorobougou. Opened in 1996, this building has ten shared bedrooms, a study room, lounge and kitchen. Here young people have the opportunity to gradually gain increased independence, with just one adult at the home watching out for them. The move away from the village environment in which they have grown up is a big step but they are carefully prepared for this by their SOS mothers, the village director and psychologists. The youngsters usually live at the Youth Home for about four years before finally moving out and making their way independently in the adult world.

Thousands of our sponsors agree with us when it comes to sponsoring with SOS Children. For just 66p a day you could give hope and a future to a child in need. If you would like to sponsor SOS Children please email or call 01223 365589.

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