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SOS Children's Village Bogota, Colombia


A happy start for SOS Children in Bogotá

Colombia is a country of stark contrasts. A picturesque country, rich in natural resources and with a highly qualified labour force, it has been described as one of the most attractive, exotic and mysterious countries in South America.

Yet the beauty of the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the stunning coastline stand in direct opposition to extreme deprivation, where an estimated 70% of families live in extreme poverty, and where violence and corruption permeates the country. The well-documented drug problems, decades of violent conflict, civil war and human rights violations have all taken their toll on Colombia, and on Colombia's children in particular.

The cycle of poverty, unemployment and family disintegration, fuelled by the lack of an effective social welfare system, threatens the very existence of the people in Colombia and often leaves children on the streets begging or stealing in order to survive.

There are currently five SOS Children's Villages in Colombia, one of which is in the country's capital city, Bogotá. With facilities including 22 family houses, a community house and a carpenter's workshop, SOS Bogotá is the second largest SOS Village in Latin America and was Colombia's first SOS Village, opening in 1971. Alongside their academic work children are also able to benefit from learning practical skills and are taught handicrafts in the village's workshops.

Time to enjoy childhood

The village provides previously unimaginable opportunities for the children. Orphans like Jorge and Wilma who joined the village last year, have been given a fresh start in life. Jorge now dreams of a successful future ahead of him, and observes how he has been given the chance to see his sister Wilma "playing, running, and smiling again".

Siblings staying together and growing up together

SOS Children is desperately trying to support more orphaned and abandoned children in Colombia, but for this we need your help. For the average price of a daily paper you can give a child like Jorge or Wilma a brighter and happier future. You can sponsor a child or village by completing the secure online sponsorship form. You can read more about child sponsorship on our website. If you would like to talk to us about sponosrship you can email on or call us on 01223 365589 or write to SOS Children, FREEPOST, St Andrew's House, St Andrew's Street, Cambridge CB1 1BR.

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