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Referee Poll takes at keepy uppy challenge


Youngsters at Tring Secondary School, Hertfordshire, were licked into shape yesterday when World Cup referee Graham Poll took charge of a Keepy Uppy session for the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages.

Graham Poll with Tring's Keepy Uppy champ James Bundey

Poll, England’s only participating referee at this summer’s World Cup, presided over both individual and group keepy uppy competitions which saw eighty 11-15 year olds vying for the school’s Keepy Uppy crown and a signed Rooney T shirt. The event, which was organised by SOS Children’s Villages as part of its national Keepy Uppy Challenge, raised funds for its “6 villages for 2006” World Cup campaign, Official Charity Campaign of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Speaking of his support for SOS Children’s Villages, Poll said, “Being involved in the World Cup is the fulfilment of a dream, so I wanted to give something back. I am very happy to be able to support FIFA’s chosen charity.

The overall winner was fifteen year old James Bundey, who dazzled everyone with his freestyle keepy uppy. Each of the pupils paid their £1 entry fee to take part, raising valuable funds for the "6 villages for 2006".

Many thanks to everyone at Tring School and also to Premier Sport Support, whose penalty shoot out speed gun was a huge hit.

Interview with Graham Poll

In between all the autograph giving at Tring, we also managed to get a brief interview with Graham. Click here to read more about his support for SOS Children and life as an international referee.

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