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Team up with SOS Children's 6 Villages for 2006 campaign and score a Hat Trick!


Three good reasons to get on board with the official charity campaign of the FIFA World Cup:

  • Have football-themed fun whilst raising awareness and funds for our world wide work

  • Opportunity to improve physical ability, encourage teamwork and leadership

  • Gain understanding of global citizenship through international language of football

By teaming up with SOS Children’s football-themed fundraising programme, schools are presented with a positive and timely medium through which pupils can direct their energies. By organising and participating in an array of activities, pupils will enhance their personal development and physical skills through leadership, fair play and shared goals, within the framework of a global focus.

Team up with SOS Children's

National Keepy Uppy Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness and funds for SOS Children’s “6 Villages for 2006” campaign whilst at the same time encouraging children to improve their ball and reflex skills, team work, and encourage participation in sport.

The challenge offers schools and clubs an excellent opportunity to use the World Cup for educational purposes. By learning about SOS Children and the countries in which we work, pupils can develop a greater understanding of the world around them, reinforcing the part they play within the global community. Schools raising over £240 can opt to become a village sponsor, creating the opportunity for an international link with an SOS School.

Challenge Outline

Open to everyone!
£1 ‘pay to play’ entrance fee, although sponsorship is warmly encouraged.
Prizes will be awared to clubs and schools raising the most money for the "6 villages for 2006" campaign - win an England shirt signed by FIFA/SOS Ambassador Wayne Rooney!

How to get involved

Schools and clubs are urged to sign up for the National Keepy Uppy Challenge by holding Keepy Uppy sessions for pupils during classes, lunch breaks or after school.

If you return your fundraising money before 23 June, you will be in with a chance of winning a signed Wayne Rooney England shirt!

Our fundraising and resource pack is downloadable from the "Downloadable Fundraising & Resource pack" section of this page. Once registered, schools receive an A1 National Keepy Uppy challenge poster, confirmation letter and paying in slip.


For further information or to register your school or club for the Keepy Uppy Challenge, please contact Caroline Baker on 01223 365589 or e-mail

Premier Sport Support, which provides sports coaching for kids throughout the UK and is supporting the "6 villages for 2006" campaign, can help run Keepy Uppy sessions in schools. Please contact Director of Coaching, Mel Jeffries for your school’s area co-ordinator:

Downloadable Resource and Fundraising pack

All documents are available in PDF format:

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