São Tomé

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São Tomé
Province/Island: São Tomé (capital)
District: Água Grande (capital)
Population: 56,166 ( 2005)

Atlantic Ocean ( Gulf of Guinea)
São Tomé
Area/distance code: +239-11x-xxxx through 14x-xxxx

São Tomé ( population 53,300 in 2003) is the capital city of São Tomé and Príncipe and is by far the nation's largest town. It was founded by Portugal in 1485 and is centred on a sixteenth century cathedral. Another early building is Fort São Sebastião, built in 1575 and now the São Tomé National Museum. In 1599, the city as well as the islands were taken by the Dutch for two days and again in 1641 for a year. It was the then colony's capital until 1753 and has been the national capital continuously since 1852. Its name is Portuguese for " Saint Thomas." São Tomé is located at 0°20' North, 6°44' East (0.333, 6.7333). .

Features of the town include the Presidential Palace, the Fisherman's Church, and a cinema. The city is also home to two markets, a radio station, a hospital, and an international airport. São Tomé also serves as the centre of the island's road and bus networks. The town is well known for the Tchiloli play.

Important as a port, São Tomé lies on Ana Chaves Bay in the north east of São Tomé Island. Cabras Island lies in the bay.

São Tomé is located northeast of Trindade, southeast of Guadalupe and northwest of Santana. It is linked to these towns by various roadways, but especially by the highway encircling the entire island of São Tomé.

Nearest places

  • Pantufo

Population history

Year Population Change Density
1990 ( June 23, Census) 42,331 - -
2000 ( June 16, Census) 49,997 - -
2003 (Computing) 53,300 - -
2005 ( January 1, Computing) 56,166 - -


São Tomé is home to the two presidents of the nation including Miguel Trovoada and Fradique de Menezes.


São Tomé has schools, middle schools, high schools, churches, a beach, an airport, São Tomé and Príncipe's only hospital and a television station RFI, radio stations and squares ( praças)

São Tomé is also the name given to the Indian city of Chennai by the early Portuguese visitors in 1522.

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