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SOS Children World Cup Prediction Competition - the results are in!


SOS Football was our World Cup internet prediction game, which added an extra edge of excitement to the tournament. Over 580 fans signed up to the competition putting to the test their knowledge of the beautiful game.

SOS children in South Africa

The competition followed the simple format of predicting the results and scores for each and every World Cup match, from the group stages to the final. On top of this were tournament-specific questions, for example how many penalties will be awarded and how many minutes will Theo Walcott play during the tournament. Points for correct answers and correct predictions placed you higher up the league and ever closer to being crowned World Cup Prediction Champion and winning an England shirt signed by the World Cup team.

As well as competing in the global league against all other participants, mini-leagues allowed you to keep tabs on your friends’ or work mates’ progress and prove yourself in the office.

There was a very unlikely winner in the form of ‘Inchy’ Collins, an unborn born England fan from Didsbury, Manchester, who despite his/her inexperience in the world of football predictions, managed to convincingly beat his/her father in the prediction stakes!

A big thank you to everyone at Xor, the IT Training firm that designed and ran the competition. was a huge success and will hopefully be repeated for other football and sporting events in the near future - watch this space!

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