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Children in SOS School Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal is classified as one of the world's least developed and poorest countries. On the slopes of the Himalayas, it is subject to frequent natural disasters (floods and landslides). More than 40 per cent of the population are under-nourished; life expectancy is low and TB, typhoid and cholera are still widespread. Problems are greater in the mid-western and far western regions and in the mountains, where poverty is most acute. Those regions are also the epicentre of an armed insurrection, which has exacerbated poverty and hampered the delivery of basic social services.

The charity began working in Nepal in the 1970s. There are now seven communities which are home to over a thousand children and young people as well as a variety of social, medical and educational facilities providing much-needed help and assistance for local communities.

The charity built Nepal's first community at Sanothimi on former rice terraces about 15 km from the centre of Kathmandu. It has fifteen family houses, a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and a ceramics workshop, all open to people in the local community.

The charity's Gandaki community is in the highlands, west of Kathmandu. It has fifteen family house and two youth houses, which together are home to nearly 200 children and young people. Additional facilities include a kindergarten and SOS Hermann Gmeiner School for 800 primary and secondary level pupils. In 2003, an SOS social centre was established providing child care for local working mothers and medical treatment for the community.

SOS Children's Itahari community, in eastern Nepal near the Indian border, opened in 1992. It has fourteen family houses and two youth houses. Like Gandaki, it has a kindergarten, primary and secondary school and a social centre which also provides courses in handicrafts for local women.

Child Sponsorship in Nepal

SOS Children's Jorpati community, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, cares specifically for children and young people with special needs, over 60 of whom live in the five family houses and the youth house.

The charity Village in Pokhara-Chhorepatan cares for Tibetan refugee children and is one of the largest SOS Children's projects in Nepal. As well as the twelve family houses and the youth house, it has a kindergarten and two schools, including the Namgyal Higher Secondary School in Gorkna which is the only higher secondary school for Tibetans in Nepal. Pokhara also has an SOS vocational training centre which provides opportunities for young Tibetans from all over Nepal to acquire technical skills and trades suitable for the local job market. As part of their apprenticeship, work such as connecting homes to electricity is carried out in the local refugee camps.

SOS Children's Surkhet community is in a small valley in western Nepal, to road to which is only passable in dry weather. Over 200 children and young people live in the fourteen family houses and the two youth houses. The School provides primary and secondary education for 500 pupils and daily child-care and medical treatment for local families are available at the SOS social centre.

SOS Children's Kavre community opened in 1997, about 30 km east of Kathmandu near the small towns of Panauti and Banepa. It has fourteen family houses. The SOS School teaches primary and secondary level pupils, and includes a kindergarten. Of the 500 pupils, approximately 100 come from the SOS Children's Village and the rest from the local community. Following two years in kindergarten, they pass through twelve grades to reach university entrance level. An SOS Social Centre provides support programmes for local underprivileged families.

SOS Children's Village Bharatpur opened in 2003. It is the district capital of Chitawan in central Nepal. The village now has 14 family homes, an SOS Nursery School for 80 children, and a combined Primary and Secondary School for 580 children. In addition there is a social centre which gives child day care and health counselling to 40 families every month.

Local contacts

Nepal school children in Kavre

SOS Children's Villages Nepal
Sanothimi / Madhyapur Municipality 17
Bhaktapur District
Postal address: PO Box 757
Kathmandu / Nepal
Tel: +977/1/66 30 391 or +977/1/66 30 977
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Nepal Child Sponsorship

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