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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a landlocked country in the Balkans, bordered by Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. It is one of the least developed of the six republics of the former Yugoslavia, but has the potential to be largely self-sufficient in most foodstuffs and in electrical energy. Unemployment is high and the country is still suffering from the after-effects of war in the region.
The charity first made plans for a community in Macedonia in 1995, and an appropriate site was found in 1998 in a suburb of the capital city Skopje. Construction finished in December 2000 and the first SOS families moved in early the following year.
SOS Children is the first private institution in the country which offers long term family-based care for children in need. Local youth authorities and other social institutions are convinced that this type of out-of-home care is the best to ensure the individual development of each child.
Built on a 12,600 square metre site, the village has twelve family houses which are designed for 84 children, as well as houses for the Village Director, guests, SOS staff and the SOS aunts, who help the house mothers. There is also a multi-purpose hall for community events and activities. A large playground provides space to let off steam, play games and meet friends.
The village is multi-ethnic, the children are Macedonian Slavs, Albanians and Roma. They attend local kindergartens and schools and extra-curricular activities include photography, dance, sports and handicrafts.

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SOS Detsko Selo Makedonija, Bul. Koco Racin 14-5/6, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel & fax +389/2/139 614 e-mail

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