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Latvia is one of the three Baltic states (the others are Estonia and Lithuania) at the north-eastern tip of Europe which became independent from the former Soviet Union in 1991. In its transition to a free market economy, Latvia faced problems similar to those of the other Baltic countries.

Nearly ten years after independence, Latvia has a very dynamic private sector accounting for more than half the GDP, and has strengthened trade ties with the West. Most of the country's agriculture has been privatised, and state enterprises are following. Latvia's recovery has been helped by its strategic location on the Baltic Sea, its well-educated population and its diverse industrial structure. Even though the country's industry is rather old fashioned, it produces a wide range of goods such as electrical appliances, fertilizers, textiles and pharmaceuticals.

The charity's first community in Latvia was built in 1996 on the outskirts of the town of Bauska, in a district called Islice, 65 km south of the country's capital, Riga. The area is rural in character, and the local population mainly middle-class. Although there are schools and kindergartens, there is very little state money available for either their maintenance or future development so the Latvian SOS Children’s Villages Association is providing financial support for the local primary school.

The community has ten family houses that are home to the children and their SOS mothers.SOS Islice also has a kindergarten which is shared with local children.

Local Contacts

Latvijas SOS-Bernu Ciematu Asociacija, Imanta 1, 3901 Bauska, Latvia
tel +371/39/60 371 e-mail

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