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Welcome to the Keepy Uppy Challenge 2007

Raise money for Angolan children by playing Keepy Uppy this May

Keepy Uppy Week 14-20 May 2007

Football is the world’s favourite sport. But in many countries, poverty can mean that children miss out on enjoying the beautiful game.

Enjoying the beautiful game

This summer, SOS Children and The Great Football Giveaway are travelling to the southern African country of Angola to:

  • distribute 3,000 footballs to schools and orphanages

  • give disadvantaged children some much needed fun

  • improve school attendance rates and encourage children to complete their education

Play keepy uppy and support Angolan children
We need your help to raise the money to do all this, and what better way to support many thousands of vulnerable children than by putting your footballing skills to the test?

All we're asking is that schools and sports clubs organise a Keepy Uppy Competition - get as many people as you can to try out their keepy uppy skills during Keepy Uppy Week - 14-20 May.

Everyone can take part individually, or as a team and their entry fee goes towards the Keepy Uppy campaign. There are prizes for the longest keepy uppy!

Three good reasons to get involved:

  1. Enjoy football fun while raising awareness and funds for SOS Children’s worldwide work

  2. Improve physical ability, encourage teamwork and leadership

  3. Give disadvantaged children in Africa the chance to enjoy the world’s favourite sport

Angola Resources

Keepy uppy 2007 You can download the keepy uppy flyer in pdf format and see the schools Keepy Uppy resources in Pdf or Word formats.

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