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History / General history

10th century 11th century 12th century
13th century 14th century 15th century
16th century 1755 Lisbon earthquake 17th century
18th century 19th century 1st century
1st century BC 20th century 21st century
2nd century 3rd century 4th century
5th century 6th century 7th century
8th century 9th century African slave trade
Ancient history Anno Domini Ars moriendi
Black Death Byzantine Empire Chola dynasty
Copenhagen Fire of 1728 Dark Ages Eastern Roman Empire
Franks French Revolution Habsburg Spain
History of Burnside History of Cape Colony from 1806 to 1870 History of Cape Colony from 1870 to 1899
History of Central Asia History of Greenland History of Limerick
History of Portugal (1777–1834) History of Russia History of Singapore
History of South Africa History of painting History of the Australian Capital Territory
History of the Netherlands History of the Panama Canal History of the Portuguese Communist Party
History of the world Holy Roman Empire Inca Empire
Industrial Revolution La Grande Armée Makuria
Middle Ages Modern history Old Swiss Confederacy
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Political integration of India Qing Dynasty
RMS Titanic Radhanite Renaissance
Russian Revolution of 1917 Sassanid Empire Skåneland
Space Race Spanish Inquisition Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
Sydney Riot of 1879 Tiridates I of Armenia Treaty of Devol
Viking Warsaw Uprising (1794) Yugoslavia
Zhang Qian Zheng He