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Disaster Relief: First Report Sri Lanka


Tsunami First report Sri Lanka


The tidal waves that devastated much of the coast from the northeast to the southwest of Sri Lanka has caused severe and serious damage to villages, towns and cities and resulted in (at present) an estimated death toll of 4500, with figures rising. The only SOS Children’s Village in the vicinity of the affected coastline is at Galle, where the city has been flooded and the loss of life has been considerable. Thankfully, however, the waters did not reach the area in which the Village is situated.

The immediate aid effort in the country is quite impressive with the government agencies, NGOs, and citizens from all walks of life contributing what they can to alleviate the distress. In view of this, SOS Children’s Villages of Sri Lanka decided to focus primarily on the displaced children and single parents with children who were affected and who need immediate relief.

As a preliminary effort to assist the most vulnerable affected by this disaster, SOS Children’s Villages of Sri Lanka, (in consultation with Mr. Siddhartha Kaul, DSG - South Asia, SOS KDI,) has arranged to provide shelter, food and water to families and others in the buildings used for the kindergartens and sewing center at the SOS Social Center at Morakkatanchenai (on the east coast). The initial shipment will consist of two truckloads of essential items. After delivery an assessment will be made of the most essential requirements, focusing mainly on the displaced children and single parents with children. In Galle too, initial assessment is being made to establish how best we could help the children and others falling into this category.

Many of the roads leading to the affected areas are along the coastline and some are closed because of the damage caused by the waves. In view of this, access to some areas is difficult. However, the government is making all efforts to provide access so that relief could be distributed.

This is the extent of information available at present. Cedric P. de Silva

National Director

SOS Children’s Villages of Sri Lanka

Piliyandala - December 27, 2005

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