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Six Villages for 2006 : South Africa


SOS Children Sponosrship sites in South Africa

SOS Children's Village in Rustenburg, South Africa

The bloodless transformation of South Africa out of apartheid is rivalled only by the fall of the Berlin Wall as extraordinary political event of our times. SOS supporter Nelson Mandela played a key role in this tremendous transformation. Unfortunately the economic growth needed to lift everyone out of poverty is proving difficult and HIV/AIDS presents a serious threat for the entire social and economic development; 40% of all deaths between the ages of 15 and 49 can be traced back to AIDS.

The number of orphans has risen astronomically in the past years due to AIDS and a joint effort by NGOs and the government is needed to get the catastrophic living situation of thousands of children under control. The main target group of the ten SOS Children Social Centres in South Africa are the HIV/AIDS affected children and their families, and in addition, each of the seven SOS Children's Villages provides a home for many children and as well as providing support in their immediate community for many more.

The new SOS Children's Village will be built in Rustenburg in the northwest of the country. The city is in one of the fastest growing regions of South Africa. However, growth has its negative side: the number of people, and especially of children, in need of help is rising. In the Village in Rustenburg, which will be built with an SOS Social Centre, children who are on their own and in need will receive family-based, long term care which will enable them to have the chance of a positive future and to grow up with a sense of security.

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