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Location of Conakry in Guinea

Conakry (also Konakry, Malinké Kɔnakiri), population 2,000,000 ( 2002), is the capital of Guinea. The city is a port on the Atlantic Ocean. Conakry is located at 9°30' North, 13°40' West (9.5, -13.6667).


Conakry's attractions consist of the Ratoma District.


It developed on Tumbo Island at the tip of the Kaloum Peninsula, to which it is now joined by an isthmus, the city having long spread on to it. The city was essentially founded after Britain ceded the island to France in 1887. It became the capital of Guinée Française in about 1904 and prospered as an export port, particularly after a (now closed) railway to Kankan opened.

Conakry today

People's Palace
People's Palace

Today, the city has grown along the peninsula to form five main districts. From the tip in the south west, these are Kaloum (the city centre), Dixinn (including the University of Conakry and many embassies), Ratoma (known for its nightlife), Matam and finally Matoto, home to Gbessia Airport.

Attractions in the city include the Guinea National Museum, several markets, the Guinea Palais du Peuple, Conakry Grand Mosque which was built by Sekou Toure, the city's nightlife and the nearby Iles de Los.

The city is noted for its botanical garden. The Polytechnical Institute of Conakry is also located in Conakry.

The street numbering scheme of Conakry labels all roads with a two-letter code for the urban district, followed by a three digit number: odd for north-south streets and even for east-west, e.g. KA002 for a northbound street in the Kaloum district. There are currently no working stoplights in Conakry and a good part of the city has electrcity only from 6PM to 6AM

Town Centre
Town Centre


Conakry is Guinea's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic centre. The city's economy revolves largely around the port, which has modern facilities for handling and storing cargo, through which alumina and bananas are shipped. Manufactures include food products and Housing Materials. An average Guinean in Conakry will get a monthly wage of about 225 000 GNF or about $45.

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