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Location of Bissau in Guinea-Bissau

Bissau, estimated population 355,000 (2004), is the capital of Guinea-Bissau. The city is located on the Geba River estuary, off the Atlantic Ocean. It is the country's largest city, major port, and administrative and military centre. Peanuts, hardwoods, copra, palm oil, and rubber are the chief products. The city was founded in 1687 by Portugal as a fortified port and trading centre. In 1942 it became the capital of Portuguese Guinea but was replaced by Madina do Boe in 1973- 74. Bissau is located at 11°52' North, 15°36' West (11.86667, -15.60).

The city is known for its annual carnival. Other attractions include the Fortaleza d'Amura barracks containing Amílcar Cabral's mausoleum, the Pidjiguiti Memorial to the dockers killed in the Bissau Dockers' Strike on August 3, 1959, the Guinea-Bissau National Arts Institute, Bissau New Stadium and local beaches. Many buildings in the city were ruined during the Guinea-Bissau Civil War, including the Guinea-Bissau Presidential Palace and the Bissau French Cultural Centre (now rebuilt), and the city centre is still underdeveloped.

The airport that serves Bissau is Osvaldo Vieira International Airport.

Bissau seen from Rio Gêba
Bissau seen from Rio Gêba

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