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From en:Image:LindisfarneFol27rIncipitMatt.jpg Folio 27r from the Lindisfarne Gospels, Incipit to the Gospel of Matthew

From [ here]

This is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art. The original image comprising the work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason:
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This applies to the United States, Canada, the European Union and those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years.

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Faithful reproductions of two-dimensional original works cannot attract copyright in the U.S. according to the rule in Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp. This photograph was taken in the U.S. or in another country where a similar rule applies (for a list of allowable countries, see Commons:When to use the PD-Art tag#Country-specific rules).This photographic reproduction is therefore also in the public domain.

العربية ǀ Česky ǀ Deutsch ǀ English ǀ Ελληνικά ǀ Español ǀ فارسی ǀ Français ǀ עברית ǀ Indonesian ǀ Italiano ǀ 日本語 ǀ 한국어 ǀ Magyar ǀ Nederlands ǀ Polski ǀ Português ǀ Românǎ ǀ Русский ǀ Slovenščina ǀ Српски ǀ Sunda ǀ Türkçe ǀ Українська ǀ 简体中文 ǀ 正體中文 ǀ +/-

en:Lindisfarne Gospels

es:Evangelios de Lindisfarne

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