I have three research areas: (a) semantics and logics for probabilistic systems and languages (b) machine learning and (c) quantum information theory. I work on approximation of continuous-state systems and associated metrics and logics. I am working on a quantitative extension of equational logic which allows one to carry out approximate reasoning equationally. I have been working on Stone duality for Markov processes and completeness theorems for Markovian logics. I am also interested in duality for automata and using it for minimization. Recently I have begun working on diffusion and similar continuous-time Markov processes . I have not been active in quantum information theory for a year but I hope to return to it soon.

I organized a workshop at Bellairs on Higher-order probabilistic computation.
My co-authors, Richard Blute, Josee Desharnais, Abbas Edalat and I won the 2017 Test-of-Time Award from LICS for our 1997 paper on bisimulation for labelled Markov processes.
The editorial boards on which I serve are accessible through Links above.

Recent Talks

A categorical view of conditional expectation UCR April 2020
Approximation by averaging PI June 2020
Projective limits of Markov processes MIT Sept 2020
IRIF January 2018 Lectures: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Lectures on quantitative equational reasoning: 1,2, 3.
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CSL 2020 PC member
AAAI 2020 reviewer
MFPS 2019 PC Member
LICS 2019 PC Member
ICML 2019 reviewer
UAI 2019 reviewer

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E-mail: prakash@cs.mcgill.ca
Office: McConnell ENGG North Wing 105
Office Phone: +1 514 3987074,FAX: 3983883
My postal address is here; do not use my office number.

My regular Winter 2021 schedule is here.
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