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Each round, a team selects a "Professor" from its group. The professor then pulls a card from each deck to determine what he is a professor of. An example might be "fruit metaphysics." The professor then stands before all players of opposing teams. The latter group is called "The Examiners." The Professor must answer any question put forth by the examiners for 90 seconds. The Professor loses if at any point she

  1. Hesitates more than 1 second
  2. Contradicts herself
  3. Misspeaks or Stumbles verbally
  4. Fails to answer the question
  5. Laughs (although condescending false professorial laughter is permitted)
  6. Says "um"
If the professor does not lose, her team gets 1 point. The first team to 5 points wins.

More details can be found here, where the idea comes from.