2013 Bellairs Modelling Workshop Schedule

The working sessions of the workshop start on Saturday morning, and end on Wednesday evening. Each working day is structured into a morning and an evening session. Breakfast is served at 8:00 in the eating area. The morning session goes from 8:30 to 12:30, the evening session from 16:30 - 18:00, followed by dinner, followed by a late evening session from 19:00 - 21:00 and discussions.


Last modified: November 23, 2015, Jörg Kienzle

Friday 8th:

Saturday 9th:

Participants arrive at Bellairs.

8:30 Gunter Mussbacher (and Jörg in spirit from Toronto Airport), Welcome

8:45 Gunter Mussbacher (and Jörg in spirit from Toronto Airport):  Concern-Driven Development: A Vision

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 Markus Luckey: Adapt Case Modeling Language

11:10 Jacques Klein: Ongoing AOM Work

11:25 Brice Morin: (meta) Concerns for the Cloud

12:10 Charles Consel: Design-Driven Software Development:
A Programming Language-Inspired Approach

13:00 Afternoon break

16:40 Walter Cazzola: Fine-Grained Adaptation / Model-Driven Dynamic Software Adaptation

17:30 Rick Salay: Managing Model Uncertainty

18:00 Dinner break

19:30 Jean-Michel Bruel: Requirements are Too Complex? Relax...

20:00 Philippe Collet: Some Variability Concerns in the bCMS-SPL: a study with FAMILIAR

21:00 Discussions

22:00 Welcome cocktail

Sunday 10th:

9:00 Benoit Combemale: On the Globalization of Modeling Languages

10:00 Eugene Syriani: Topics on Re-use and Composition in Model Transformation

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Daniel Amyot: Goal and Aspect-oriented Business Process Engineering

12:30 Afternoon break

16:30 Jean-Marc Jézéquel

18:00 Dinner Break

19:00 Philippe Lahire: Interfaces and Feature Models

19:30 Jörg Kienzle: Model Interfaces

20:00 Discussions

21:15 Wrap-up

Monday 11th:

8:30 Discussion on model interfaces

9:30 Breakout into 6 groups that discussed specific modelling notations and what interfaces they offer

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Group discussion about results of the morning breakout session

12:30 Lunch break

16:30 Variation, Customization and Usage Interface

18:00 Dinner break

19:00 Continuation of discussion of interfaces

22:00 Wrap-up

8:45 Jörg Kienzle: Reusable Artifacts
9:30 General discussion on reusability, reuse process

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Elicitation of reuse mechanisms, distilling of properties of a reusable models

Afternoon break: Glass bottom boat excursion: the “shipwreck” and “swimming with the turtles”

19:00 Elicitation of Reuse Mechanisms and Assets

20:00 Discussion on Asset Properties

22:00 Wrap-up

Tuesday 12th:

Wednesday 13th:

Thursday 14th:

Friday 15th:

8:45 Finished discussion on Asset Properties
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Examples of Reusable Models

  1. Charles Consel: Reusable Networked Entities

  2. Jacques Klein: Reusable Access Control Policies

  3. Eugene Syriani: Reusable Model Transformations

  4. Benoit Combemale: Model Types as Assets

  5. Philippe Collet: Reuse Mechanisms for Feature Models

  6. Daniel Amyot: Encrypt/Decrypt AoUCM Model

12:30 Afternoon break

15:30 Examples of Reusable Models (continued)

  1. Markus Luckey: Reusable Activity Diagrams

  2. Robert France: Reusable Algebraic Specifications

16:15 Discussion on how to prepare paper for ACM Surveys

17:30 Wrap-up

19:30 Dinner at Pisces, St. Laurence Bay

Trip to Crane Beach