Forced Phonetic Alignment by Neural Network
Integration of Kaldi's nnet2 deep neural networks into the Montreal Forced Aligner, permitting the automatic forced alignment of speech audio and a corresponding transcript in time using a Deep Neural Network-Hidden Markov Model architecture.
GitHub | The Montreal Forced Aligner
GMM Voice Recognizer
A text-independent speaker-identification system based on Gaussian Mixture Models and Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients, implemented in Python.
Live link | GitHub
SMS Stylometry Detector
A tool that takes as input a SMS-style text message and tries to predict the dialect of English that was used to write it using recurrent neural networks supplemented with data from Google Trends.
NLP Examples
A set of scripts to accomplish common NLP tasks, such as positive/negative sentiment classification and use of neural networks to classify vowels based on their formant measurements. Some may be toy-sized.
Where is the Blue Planet?
A web interface providing a visual representation of the Earth and Moon's current position in their orbits according to real-time data, implemented in HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery.
Live link

Arlie Coles - 2017
McGill University | Hosted by SOCS