McGill University - BA.&Sc. First Class Honours, Cognitive Science

Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
LING 201Introduction to LinguisticsAB+
LING 330PhoneticsAA-
LING 360Introduction to SemanticsAB-
LING 371Syntax 1AB+
LING 455Second Language SyntaxAB
LING 550Computational LinguisticsAUnavailable
LING 571Syntax 2A-Unavailable
LING 751Artificial Neural NetworksAUnavailable
Computer Science
Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
COMP 202Foundations of ProgrammingA-B+
COMP 206Intro to Software SystemsB+B
COMP 250Intro to Computer ScienceA-B
COMP 251Algorithms & Data StructuresAUnavailable
COMP 424Artificial IntelligenceAUnavailable
COMP 550Natural Language ProcessingSatisfactory (S/U)B+
MATH 240Discrete StructuresAUnavailable
MATH 323ProbabilityAB
Course CodeCourse TitleMarkAverage Mark
PSYC 213CognitionAB
PSYC 311Human Cognition & The BrainAB+
NSCI 200Intro to Neuroscience 1B+A-
NSCI 201Intro to Neuroscience 2AB+

Arlie Coles - 2017
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