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P53: Cancer's Worst Nightmare

P53, known among biologists as the Guardian of the Genome, is a potent tumour suppressor in human cells. If you inject yourself with enough of it, you will (probably) avoid cancer!

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Cancer: Your Worst Nightmare

Cancer, the most notorious of humanity's scourges, is waiting here in stock for you. Most people who want cancer prefer volunteering for nuclear testing, but if you dont want 10 years for your cancer, injecting these malignant cells into your tissue is a surefire to speed up the process.

Price: $7/gram

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Lymphocytes are the little soldiers of the human body, protecting us from bacteria and viruses far better than a disarmament treaty prevents secret thermonuclear weapon buildups.

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Macrophages are the voracious devourers of human tissue, eating micro-invaders and cellular debris alike, similar to a student's indiscriminate diet after forgetting to eat due to a giant website project being due.

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Like most other retroviruses, this psychotic creature not only wants you dead, but intends to do it in slow, painful, and ignoble way. We don't know why you want it, but we won't ask!

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Escherichia Coli

E.Coli, a common culprit of food poisoning, is nonetheless a paradoxical necessity for vitamin production in humans. Whether you intend to perform genetic manipulation of this bacterium for biotechnology development, or simply enjoy putting pathogens in others' food, we have plenty in stock for you.

Price: $97/gram

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