I have three research areas: (a) semantics and logics for probabilistic systems (b) logic and computation and (c) machine learning. I work on approximation of continuous-state systems and associated metrics and logics. I am working on a quantitative extension of equational logic. I have been working on Stone duality for Markov processes and completeness theorems for Markovian logics. I am also interested in duality for automata and using it for minimization. Recently I have begun working on approximate minimization. I am also interested in Tannaka-type theorems for C* algebras. I have occasionally made forays into general relativity and quantum mechanics, the subject of my PhD thesis which continues to interest me.

Bob Coecke and I recently organized a workshop on Causality in Quantum Mechanics at Bellairs in March 2016.
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Recent Talks

Quantum alternation, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Talk at Tsinghua Software Day on 20th April 2015.
Four expository talk on Labelled Markov Processes: One,
Two, Three and Four.
Tutorial on probabilistic semantics at POPL 2015.
Duality tutorial at Oxford, May 2014: Stone, Gelfand,
and Pontryagin.
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Recent Conferences and Workshops

POPL 2016 PC Member
LPAR 2015 PC Member
ICALP 2015 PC Member
CSR 2015 PC Member
ICTAC 2015 PC Member
MFCS 2015 PC Member
MFPS 2015 PC Member

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E-mail: prakash@cs.mcgill.ca
Office: McConnell ENGG North Wing 105
Office Phone: +1 514 3987074,FAX: 3983883
My postal address is here; do not use my office number.
Teaching is over for the term.
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:30 to 3:00.
Until 27th April.

My Summer travel schedule is here.
Please check my Google cal link below for updates.

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