The Software Evolution Research Group

Members of the McGill Software Evolution Research Group, May 2017

M.Sc. Students

Inderjot Kaur Ratol Inderjot Kaur Ratol
I am a second-year Master's research student at McGill University. I have previously worked at Infosys Ltd. as a Systems Engineer. I am interested in Refactoring, Recommendation Systems, Code transformation techniques and Natural Language Processing and Generation.

Paul Husek Paul Husek
I am a first-year Master's student at McGill. My research focuses on a recommendation system for API documentation.

Mathieu Nassif Mathieu Nassif
I am a second-year Master student at McGill. I recently worked on a risk analysis project where we analyzed how leaving developers lead to knowledge loss in a software system. My Master's thesis will focus on targeted information extraction from code using static analysis. I completed my B.Sc. in pure and applied mathematics at the Université de Montréal in June 2016.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Jiajun Chen Jiajun Chen
I am a fourth-year Undergraduate student at McGill. My research interests are software testing and cloud applications.

            BergerCaroline Berger
I am a third-year Undergraduate student at McGill. I am interested in Program Comprehension, Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science Education. My current research pertains to the development and evaluation of Computer Science Education methods and tools for primary school students. My Website.