COMP 557 - Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Fall 2010

General Information

Course Outline outlineComp557Fall2010.pdf
Web Page
Lectures 2:25 PM - 3:55 PM, Mondays and Wednesdays
Location Trottier Building 2120
Credits 3
Instructor Paul Kry
Telephone 514 398 2577
Office MC113N
Office Hours 4:30 - 5:30 pm Wednesdays, or by appointment (any time!)
Teaching Assistants Sheldon Andrews,
Yasaman Sedaghat
Office Hours Sheldon Andrews, MC 312, Wednesdays 1:30-2:30, or by appointment
Yasaman Sedaghat, MC 312, Mondays 1:30-2:30, or by appointment
WebCT for discussion boards and assignment submission

Getting Started Tutorials

There will be two tutorials at the beginning of the term to help you get started with OpenGL, the java bindings, and setting up your Eclipse environment for assignments. These are things you can do on your own by following the directions in assignment 0 below, but the tutorials may help you resolve any problems you have and will cover the basics of OpenGL.

  • Monday 13 September, TR 3120, Yasaman, Eclipse, setting up A0, vecmath, OpenGL
  • Friday 17 September, TR 3120, Sheldon, More on OpenGL, including picking and VBOs

Assignments, Exercises, and Exams

There will be four assignments during the term. Links to assignments will be posted here during the term. Practice problems, old midterms and final exams, and solutions will also be posted here during the term.

There will be two exams, worth a total of 60% of the final grade. The first will be a midterm exam which will take place in class sometime between October 13 and October 25. It is worth 20% of your grade. The second exam will take place during the Final Exam Period and is worth 40% of the final grade. For more information on evaluation refer to the coures outline.


Tentative Schedule

The following schedule is tentative and will be adjusted once the term starts to better match material in the textbook, and to synchronize with assignments. A few topics will definitely be dropped while others will certainly be added.

1 September 1 Introduction,
(Canceled and to be rescheduled)
2 September 8 Vector spaces,
Affine spaces,
Homogeneous coordinates,
3 September 13 Transformations,
4 September 15 Viewing transformation,
Perspective projection
5 September 20 Projection taxonomy,
Normalized device coordinates
6 September 22 Curves introduction,
Bezier, Interpolation, and Hermite curves,
Bezier properties,
Change of basis
7 September 29 Tensor product patches,
Decaslejau algorithm,
rational curves,
Note: O'Brien Colloquium October 1
8 October 4 B-spline introduction and intuition,
polar forms and blossoms
9 October 6 Surfaces of revolution,
swept surfaces,
Frenet frame,
parallel transport
10 October 11 Subdivision curves,
corner cutting,
limit point analysis,
subdivision surface introduction
11 October 13 Mesh terminology,
Euler characteristic ,
Half edge data structure introcution
12 October 18 Half Edge data structure examples,
Level of Detail introduction
13 October 20 Mesh simplification,
Edge collapse and vertex split,
Point plane distance,
Quadric error metric introduction,
Note: Heidrich Colloquium October 22
14 October 25 Midterm Exam (in class)
may be moved to the October 13th
15 October 27 Mesh simplification review
Quadric error metric
16 November 1 Clipping
Painter's and Warnock algorithm
Binary space partions
Depth Buffer
17 November 3 Ray triangle intersection
barycentric coordinates
barycentric interpolation
bilinear interpolation
ray quadric intersection
18 November 8 Quadric transformations
Quadric normals,
Constructive solid geometry,
Illumination (ambient, diffuse, specular, attenuation),
Note: Montreal International Game Summit
19 November 10 Shading models (Phong, Gouraud),
Lighting models continued,
Note: Grinspun Colloquium November 12
20 November 15 Texture mapping
Magnification and Minification
Mip maps
Bilinear interpolation
21 November 17 Shadow maps,
Stencil shadow volumes
22 November 22 The rendering equation
23 November 24 compositing,
25 November 29 Colour
Colour Matching Experiment
Chromaticity diagram
Colour conversion between different displays
26 December 1 Colour purity / saturation
Complementary Colours
Just noticable differences
Gamuts and Gamma
27 December 3 (Friday) Review for final