Jinxu Jia





- Still water runs deep.


2014 - Time Series Prediction for the Tweets Popularity with Multivariate INAR(1) process

This is my currect project as well as my thesis project. In this project I built a temporal model to predict user's tweets popularity in Twitter and improved the prediction accuracy by combining the tweet topic feature.

2014 - Topic Modeling in Twitter

2013 - Community Membership and Dynamics

Network Theory course project

2013 - racking Human Faces and Eyes Affected by Scale Variations

Computer and Biological Vision course project


2012 - SVM-based Prediction Model for User Preference in Social Network

Machine Learning course project

2012 - Role-based Click-through Rate Prediction Model for On-line Advertising

Bachelor Degree Thesis

2010 - A Quick Grayscale-based Face Recognition System

Digital Image Processing course project

2010 - Online Bookstore and Background Information Management System

Project Leader, Advanced Database Systems course project

2010 - Luoyuan Blog, Campus Blog System

Testing Engineer, Microsoft Summer Intern

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