Malik Altakrori
co-supervised with Benjamin Fung
  • Text mining
  • Authorship analysis
  • Deep learning
Yue Dong
  • Natural language processing
  • Statistical learning theory
  • Deep learning
Jad Kabbara
  • NLG
  • Deep learning
  • Computational pragmatics
Edward Newell
co-supervised with Derek Ruths
Victor Chenal
  • NLG
  • Microplanning
Teng (Leo) Long
co-supervised with Doina Precup
Yulan Feng
Kian Kenyon-Dean
co-supervised with Doina Precup

Summer, 2016

Sébastien Lemieux-Codère
Undergraduate project, 2016
Priya Sidhaye
M.Sc., 2016
Luke Emery-Fertitta
B.Sc. Honours project, 2016
Louis Chartrand
Visiting Ph.D. student from UQAM, 2016
Michael Noseworthy
COMP 396 project, 2016

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