COMP 567B           Integer Programming        Assignment 2

Due: Tuesday, March 4,  2003   (in class)

Midterm will be held March 11  (in class)

Project Proposals: February 20

Problems from Integer Programming, Wolsey

1. (Unimodular Matrices) P. 50, Ex. 3.

2. (Branch and Bound) P. 109, Ex. 4.
Explain how to solve the LP subproblems by generalizing the idea in Ex 3(i), P. 108.
Also explain which branching rule you are using.

3. (Cutting Planes) P.135, Ex. 5.
(a) Solve the problem using Gomory's cutting plane
algorithm. You may use LP-solve or CPLEX to solve the LP subproblems.
(b) Get the same result using  Chvatal-Gomory inequalities. You can view this as an independent proof of the correctness of your answer obtained in part (a)