Project/Presentation Information                      308-566

Course Presentation Schedule

Deadline for receiving all written material: Friday, Dec 13 at noon in my mail box in McConnell 318


The goal of the project/class presentation is for you  to find an interesting application or extension of the material we covered in the class, preferably in some area in which you have additional knowledge. An important part is the selection of a suitable topic. I will be looking for the following:


Class presentations are usually descriptions of applications including problem formulation, case studies, or new theoretical developments. Your topic should be registered with me (email is OK) by November 7. Give me your source document title, authors, journal name or URL.
The choice of how you present the material is up to you.
Here is  the grading scheme we used last year :
Formalities (3 points)
  1pt - introducing self  1pt - gave title, authors and references   1pt - finished with alloted time
Clarity of Explanation (6 points)
  3pts - structured the presentation well
 3pts - conveyed main ideas well
Interest/Motivation (5 points)
  2pts - speaker was clearly interested & motivated
  3pts - audience was interested (asked questions?)
Mechanics (4 points)
  2pts - use of overheads, blackboards, handouts (& other visuals)
  2pts - established good contact with audience (voice level, eye contact)
Pertinence (2 points)
  1pt - choice of details to present
  1pt - speaker related the topic to course material
Lecture notes (5 points)

Total = 25pts   (Converted to mark out of 20 for final grade).


There is no fixed format or length for projects. Keep in mind that it is worth the same as two
homework assignments - 20 marks. Of these, 5 marks are given for the choice of topic,
suitablility, level of difficulty and research materials used. 5 marks are give for the clarity
and structure of the report, particularly the introductory material and conclustions.
10 marks are give for the body of the project.

A project can either be a software implementation, a case study or a theoretical survey paper.
For a project, I require a written proposal (email is OK) by November 7 containing: