Class Presentations  CS566A  Autumn 2000

. Tentative schedule: No class Thurs, Nov 16. Extra class Tues, Dec 5.
. Attendance is compulsory for presentations.
. Single presentation: 15 minutes. Joint presentation: 25 minutes.
. Lecture notes due at time of presentation: hard copy or ps/pdf file by email.

Tues, Nov 21
Dana Farran and Michele Perucic,
Dynamically scheduling aircraft landings - The displacement problem

Tallman Nkgau,
A Polyhedral Approach to Sequence Alignment Problems
Samir Shukla
Vehicle routing problems

Idil Moskatel
Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis via Linear Programming.
Thurs, Nov 23
Abdulghani Attar,
The HASTUS vehicle and manpower scheduling system at the Societe de transport de la Communaute urbaine de Montreal
Ling Yang,
Maximum density stable patterns in variants of Conway's game of Life

Patric Lim and Benjamin Leung ,
The Knapsack Problem --  Branch and Bound method of Horowitz and Sahni Algorithm and its improved version, the Martello and Toth Algorithm

Marwan Haddad,
Linear Programming Models for Disentangling a Stock Market Crash

Riad Hijal,
Automated timetabling improves course  scheduling at UCLA.
Tues, Nov 28
Matthew Kitching,
Linear Goal Programming For Academic Library Acquisitions Allocation

Philip Sun,
Multiple Objectives and Goal Programming

Kawai Ming,
Diet Planning in the Third World

Asima Anwar,
Goal Programming Models for Assigning Search and Rescue Aircraft to Bases

Georges Kanaan,
AT&T's telemarketing site selection system offers customer support
Thurs, Nov 30

Spencer Borland and Puja Jain
Scheduling production on a plastics rotational molding machine

Youssef Kettani,
Stamping tin cans from sheet metal

Kerin Baki
Health care marketing
Wanqin Wu,
Selection of operation optimum of hydride generation

Abeer Ghuneim
Extraction of Logs in Forestry Using Operations Research and GIS

Tues, Dec 5
Helen Katalifos
Scheduling a major college basketball conference

Ilia Kushnir
An integrated Decision Support System in a Chinese Chemical Plant.

Masoumeh Tabaehizadi,
Using Linear Programming to Predict Business Failure

Nadir Ismail and Marc Berndl
Data Envelopment Analysis

Stephane Perez
Managing bank productivity using data envelopment analysis