Class Presentations:                     308-566A                          Autumn 1998

November 19

Rachel Potvin <>
Scheduling Coast Guard District Cutters
Gerald G. Brown, Robert F. Dell, Robert A. Farmer
Interfaces, March-April 1996

Albert Gee Wei MAH <>
"Optimal Expansion of Fiber-Optic Telecommunications Networks in Metropolitan Areas" Louis Anthony Cox Jr., Warren E. Kuehner, Scott H. Parrish, Yuping Qiu
INTERFACES Vol 23 Mar-Apr 93 pp 35-48

November 24

Chien Heng LIAO <>
"Setting Performance Targets For New Decision Making Units in DNA" from "INFOR" vol. 36.

Jeong-hyun KIM <>
"The existence of a short sequence of admissible pivots to an optimal basis in LP" by Komei Fukuda Hans-jakob Luthi and Makoto Namiki.

Kevin Simon<>
Lecture Notes - supplied by Professor Brian Smith "Better Decisions with Preference Theory" - article in the Harvard Business Review

Alvin Loh <>
Assigning Telephone Operators to Shifts at NBTel
Gary M. Thompson
Interfaces 27:4 July-August pp1-11

November 26

Ebrahim Mal-Alla <>
Renegar, James, "Some perturbation theory for linear programming", Mathematical Programming. 65A, No.1, 73-91 (1994).

Bohdan Kalzuny <>
"Pattern Recognition via LP: Theory and application to medical diagnosis" by O. L. Mangasarian, R. Setiono and W. H. Wolberg
"Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis via Linear Programming. " by O. L. Mangasarian, W. Nick Street and W. H

Shaheen Banu BOODOO <>
'Budget allocation and monopolistic pricing in a multiproduct firm' Hans va Maaren and Jan Bertus Molenkampkd

Hala Razi KHAN <>
"Resource Allocation in R&D Departments".
Archie Chung, Wade D. Cook, and Moshe Kres

December 1

Aline Sarah NORMOYLE <>
"The Mixed Integer Linear Bilevel Programming Problem" by Moore and Brad, Operations Research

Christina Swindells <>
"An LP Planning Model for a Mental Health Community Support System", Leff, H.S.; Dada M.; and Graves, S.C.; Management Science, Vol 32 No.2 (1986)
"Planning Home Assistance for AIDS Patients in the City of Rome, Italy", De Angelis, V., Interfaces, Vol 28 No.3 (May-June 1998)

David Tuan D HUYNH <>
Dynamic lot-sizing with price changes and price-dependent holding costs
Alain Martel, Andre Gascon
European Journal of Operational Research

Interior Point Methods

December 3

Dimitrios LASKARIS <>
The case study about splitting up Baseball season-tickets amongst a consortium of buyers.(Interfaces)

Jean-Philippe Cote <>
Data Envelopment Analysis Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes

Shouwen ZHANG <>
"The most-obtuse-angle row pivot rule for achieving dual feasibility: A computational study"
Ping-Qi Pan

Barak Salvador QUEIJA <>
An Integrated Labor-Management System for Taco Bell.


Prof D. Avis,