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2009.12.29    I have finished grading the final and have computed the course grades.
                      The average on the final was 73%, which is about 5% more than usual, so you must have worked hard!
                      In case you cannot get your grade from minerva, please email me directly.

                      Unfortunately I will be out of the country until Jan 23, so I cannot show you your exam until Jan 25.
                      Also I will be away from email Dec 30-Jan 2.

                      All the best for a happy new year.

2009.12.10 Solutions to Assignment 5 and updated course marks posted.

2009.11.19:  Tutorial, Fri Nov 27, 12-1pm Trottier 3130
                    Assignment 5 solutions given in class, Tuesday Dec 1
                    Extra office hours: Dec 14,15,  12-1pm, Trottier 3130
                    Assignment 5 due Monday Nov. 30, 5pm, no late assignments please!

2009.10.26  Assignment 4 will be posted Oct. 30 due Nov. 9.               

2009.10.22   No TA hours Wed. Oct 23.

2009.10.18   Assignment 3 solutions are posted

Midterm will  be on Tuesday October 20 in Trottier 60.

TA extra office hours on Monday Oct 19, 12-1pm 3rd floor Trottier.

2009.10.6  We will discuss the midterm timing again on Thursday. According to my colleagues, we essentially need a consensus to change the date of an exam that was already agreed upon.

2009.10.6 Assignment 3 posted.

2009.9.25 Assignment 2 posted.

2009.9.14  Assignment 1 posted.

2009.9.14   TA office hours start this week. Wednesdays and Fridays, 12-1pm, Trottier 3130

2009.6.11: A useful free program for solving linear programs is:

        path: /usr/bin/lp_solve
This program can be used to solve linear or integer linear programs.

Usage: lp_solve   -S4  <  input_file       (-S4 option gives dual variables)

Some examples input and output files are here.
Reference manual is here. (Follow tag to "lp file format")

The full package is available for download from the lp_solve  home page.

A nice help page with very old windows executable is available at:
(note the option -p should be replaced by -S4 to get a list of dual variables)