Solutions to exercises             COMP251                     Winter 2012

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1. Exercises for each lecture are given on the lecture summaries page.
2. They will be collected in class according to the schedule below and graded.
3. Grades will not count to your final grade, but at least half of each exam will be based on these exercises.
4. Solutions will  be posted after the exercises are collected.

Tentative schedule

Assignment 1: From lectures Jan 9,11,16,18 collected on January 23.  Solutions       pdf password:  birds

Assignment 2: From lectures Jan 23, 25, 30 and Feb 1 collected on Feb 13.  Solutions       pdf password:  birds

Assignment 3: From lectures Feb 13, 17, 27, 29 collected on March 5.  Solutions       pdf password:  birds

Midterm March 7   Based on above material.  Review class on March 5.

Assignment 4: From lectures Mar 12,14,19,21 collected on March  26. Solutions       pdf password:  birds

Assignment 5: From lectures Mar 26, 28, Apr 2,4 collected on April 11.  Solutions

Final exam in the exam period based on all above material.