308-250A        Autumn 1999      Final Exam

The final exam will be held on Thursday, December 16 from 2-5pm in the GYM.

No aids - electronic, written or human - allowed.

Material covered by the exam:

-Weiss, Data Structures & Problem Solving using Java,
      Chapters 5 (except Section 5.6),
                      6 (except 6.7,6.8),    (added Dec 6)
                     7 (except Sections 7.4.4, 7.5.3, 7.6, 7.7),
                     8 (except Sections 8.4, 8.8)
                     9 (except Section 9.3)
                     11(except Section 11.2.3)
                     17(pp. 455-472 only)
                     18 (Sections 18.1 and 18.3 only)

-Ahmad & Panangaden, A Little Book on Java
        Sections 1-9

-All material covered on the assignments

-Convex hull handout

-Big-O notation handout

Tips for studying:
-Go through the web page "Lecture related material" reading the appropriate sections of text(s) and studying the java code where applicable. Experiment with the code on small examples, trying hand simulations as well.
-Review all assignments and solutions on the "Assignments and related material" pages.
-Try exercises from the text, especially "In Short".

last updated November 30, 1999