308-250A   Autumn 1999    Course Announcements

99.11.30 Information on final exam is here.

 99.11.29         A bug has been found in the Hull.java code for assignment 6! You can read the details on the newsgroup. The fix is simple, and the code on the assignments page has been updated, but make sure the version you have is correct. Sorry about that, folks. 

Two handouts are available: Solutions Pack (for exercises in text) at COPI-EUS only, and
Convex Hull handout (online: text, figuresor at COPI-EUS).

Prof Avis' office hours are now Tues and Thurs 11-12 in McConnell 308.

The due date for Assignment 3 has been extended to Monday October 25 at 13:00.
The assignment box will be emptied at that time.
Please note you will need JDK 1.2 or 1.2.1 for the assignment.

Due to the crash of the web server on Thursday night, assignment 2 is now due by
5pm Saturday October 9.

Midterm information available at ftp://mutt.cs.mcgill.ca/pub/courses/250/midterm.html

Please your program for question 2 on the second assignment on the test data found on the assignment page


Big O notation handout available (in postscript) at ftp://mutt.cs.mcgill.ca/pub/courses/250/bigO.ps or at COPI-EUS.

Assignment 2 is available at


Assignment 1 is located at ftp://mutt.cs.mcgill.ca/pub/courses/250/ass1.html


The midterm exam will be held Friday October 15, 1:30-2:25    locations to be given later.

Course will be given in Leacock 26 beginning Friday September 10, at 1:30.

99.9.7  Course Prerequisites
According to the Calendar, the prerequisite is "familiarity with a high level programming language" which could be java, C/C++ or a good course in Pascal. I will assume your programming level is the same as those who took 308-202, in the language that you studied. You may take 202 as a corequisite if you meet this requirement. If you do not have a good programming background, take 202 before 250.