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lrs3.2a is no longer being maintained, but source and documentation are still available.  It is recommended to use Version 4.0 instead.
 lrs3.2a  is a self-contained ANSI C implementation of the reverse search algorithm for  vertex enumeration/convex hull problems. It finds all vertices and rays of a polyhedron defined by a system of inequalities, and finds a system of inequalities describing the convex hull of a set of vertices and rays. It works in any dimension, for bounded or unbounded polyhedra. All computations are done exactly in extended precision arithmetic. Output is not stored in memory, so even problems with very large output sizes can sometimes be solved.

 A full description and installation instructions are contained in the user's guide. A theoretical description and some computational results are also available. The program, user's guide and test files can be also obtained from the ftp site or by anonymous ftp from, by logging in as ftp and changing directory to pub/C.

The program can be distributed freely under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Please read the file COPYING carefully before using.

David Avis      
Computer Science, McGill University, 3480 University, Montreal , Quebec, Canada H3A 2A7 

last update: 2000.9.12